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Working With Your New VA

So you’ve got a new Virtual Assistant for your real estate business. Now what?

First, don’t feel bad. It’s a common feeling to hire someone as an assistant, and get complete and total “managers block”. Much like a writer gets writers block, you can get managers block as a boss. Here are a few suggestions on how to move past it.

1. Go Social

There’s always Social Media work that can be done; that’s one task that is NEVER finished. From Facebook to Twitter to your Blog; content is king and you can always add more.

Have you VA talk to the management team at myVAteam; we have all sorts of training and systems in place for the VA to get to work on the social network that is your life.


2. Clean Clean Clean

As a teenager, I worked in a retail store. 22 years later, I still remember the boss’ 1 (and only) piece of wisdom… If you’ve got nothing to do, CLEAN!

Give the VA the same directive. If he/she is idle, go into the database and start cleaning it up.

– They can check contact information against Facebook. Remember that Facebook is usually the more up-to-date of the 2.

– They can add birthday information to the database, again from Facebook.

– They can add clients from recent transactions to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

– They can add industry members to these same accounts


3. Tweak The Blog

Your blog is your online presence, like a public journal of your business. It’s also one of the most important factors for Google search placement. By having your VA go into your blog regularly and “tweaking” your old posts, you’ll make them feel new again to Google. Seriously. Fix some grammar, add a picture, change the keywords. This will breath new life into those old articles!


4. Have a “SomeDay” List

We come up with great ideas all the time. But we never write them down. We hear great ideas all the time. But we never write them down. So what if you started to write these down? Make a “someday” list of things you’d like to get to SOME-DAY. Then when any member of your team, including your Virtual Assistant, has idle hands… pick something from the someday list for them to work on. Not necessarily to complete, but to move forward. When they get busy, this can be put aside until the next time. You’ll be AMAZED by how much work gets done, and these someday projects get that much closer to becoming part of your business systems.


So there you have it. Some ideas to get you going with your real estate virtual assistant. And remember, never be afraid to talk with our management team, or have you VA come talk to us. We’re here to help.

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